Nail care

we cover all aspects of nail care... from ingrown toe nails, thickened nails, advise on fungal infections, and when people are just finding they need some help and want to have their nails treated by a professional. 

Diabetes foot care

Having worked in Diabetes foot care in the NHS you can be sure you are in safe knowledgeable hands. 

Foot pain

The foot is a complex part of the body made up of 26 bones... as we put all our weight through our feet it is not surprising that at some point in most of our lives we will have a foot problem which will affect our live style.  A podiatry assessment is sometimes just the answer to find a solution.

foot checks ... MOT's

More and more people are realising just how important our feet are. A foot check includes check your pulses and sensation, assess your feet thoroughly and treat anything on the day that required treatment. 

Corns and calluses

 Corns and Calluses can be very painful and  can be treated very quickly and affectively. 

Foot Health Education

Over the years I have given many talks on foot health.  If you would be interested in this for an organisation/group/ place of work please contact me for further information.